Legend of the hill

Amidst the rugged landscapes of a renowned cattle ranch in Arizona lies the legendary Smokeye Hill (pronounced Smoke-EYE).

During the era of American Prohibition (1920-1933), when the production and consumption of alcohol were outlawed, Smokeye Hill and its surroundings emerged as a secluded haven for bootleggers. Here, they crafted and distributed their illicit spirits, attracting a clientele that extended to the glamour of Hollywood.

Legend has it that a prohibition agent with ties to the area would discreetly tip off the community about their impending arrival. In response, the mooshiners of Smokeye Hill and surrounding areas, hung bells on the necks of roaming mules as a way to warn of lawmen rounding the bend.

These days, prohibition is over and the bells are long gone, but we’re still doing the storied name proud.


Cultivated and cherished for thousands of years by Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of the southwestern United States, blue corn is known as a symbol of strength and resiliency. As a regional whiskey of the southwest, Smokeye Hill proudly features this heirloom grain renowned for it’s sweet, floral and nutty flavor, enriching our bourbon with complexity and a distinctive profile.


Today, the imagery of the bell remains a significant part of our story which represents the solidarity and ingenuity displayed by the local community long ago during the prohibition.

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Smokeye Hill Whiskey was founded by Blake Johns, whose family has owned and operated the land surrounding Smokeye Hill for generations.

Blake established Smokeye Hill Whiskey with a vision to craft a distinct and exceptional whiskey, free from traditional constraints. Inspired by his upbringing in the American Southwest, rich with local culture and hardworking individuals, this whiskey embodies a genuine appreciation for his family’s heritage and spirit of the region.”



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